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Hey Dani, I gave you my all!  2 hours of pic taking, downloading and sending, so you would be as comfortable as possible to

come up to NW Mn and be our guest!  It is just me and Kaelee Jo 13, Mandi 18, and little Kyle 19.  Why does the camera make me look fat in the face, I look better than that LOL!  I guess I am kinda hoping you need to come here?!!!!

Gmail is slow and fighting me to download!

Inflammation & Carb Crisis
From asthma to obesity, diabetes to joint pain, and cancer to allergies, we are in a carb crisis causing us to have inflammation! Get ENERGIZED! Healthy bank accounts too!

Well lets now say a word or two about various forms of major congenital heart disease and as you recall I told you previously the major congenital heart disease is divided in to 2 big groups…

if you have a VSD the blood goes from the left to the right and that puts an enormous load on the right side of the heart because the blood flows on the right side is incresed is got its normal…

Lifestyle and Autoimmune Disease: It’s Still About Your Gut, but Not All About What You Eat A variety of factors contribute to the development of autoimmune disease, among them genetics,…

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